Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thrifty Twosday

 Today we're gonna talk Sonia Kashuk!  Her products are probably my favorite "drug store" brand out there.  Here are two that I use every single day.

First is the concealer palette.  3 colors and a setting powder for $9.99 is awesome.  If you have hardcore dark circle under you eyes like me then you need at least 2 colors to fully conceal them.  One to neutralize the darkness and one to conceal.  I use the salmon color for neutralizing and the lightest one to conceal, then I set it with the powder and I'm good to go.  

Any/all of the brushes.  I haven't used every one of them, but I have quite a few that I use daily and I would say they are very comparable to more expensive counterparts especially for what you pay.  I use some of mine more than the ones I paid a lot more money for as a matter of fact!  

Target is where I find Sonia Kashuk cosmetics, so if you have one nearby, I suggest you try these for yourself!  

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