Thursday, February 24, 2011

DIY Baby leg warmers!

I'll admit, I've been on the hunt for some black and white striped baby legs for a while, but I couldn't justify the $15+ price tag, so I decided to check today while at the store and see what their sock selection was like, and low and behold I found some GREY and BLACK striped knee socks.  Even better than white and black!  So I snatched them and a few other pair of socks up to make some baby legs.  I used >this< tutorial.  It's very simple.  Cut off the bottom and sew them up!  I tried it with a sewing machine, and by hand, and while it takes a bit longer, I think I like doing it by hand better.  Here are two of my finished products:

It's baby season around here so I made a pair (on the right) for my niece and the ones on the left are for the little one I'm cookin' up!  I have a few more that I'm finishing up tonight (it literally takes like 5 minutes) and those will be going to other babies too!  Such a fun, simple and inexpensive, baby gift!  Oh and cute too! 

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