Thursday, March 31, 2011

Money Saving Tips (from our readers!)

We recently had a giveaway in which we asked for YOUR ideas and ways that YOU save money.  Here are some of the responses:


Leaving my wallet at home. Then when I have the craving for fast food, I don't have the means to buy any.

I use cloth diapers, and I only buy groceries and gas with cash that way when its gone its gone!

I don't grocery shop hungry, ever. 

Planning meals in advance so I know what I want.  It helps at the store to know what i need to buy ... it helps daily because I know what I'm fixing when I get up and less likely to order out.  It saves time (not) debating with everyone on what is for dinner and the kids help out more because I'm more organized and that also saves something more important than money because it saves memories with my kids!

I do not use a debit card. Figure everything up and go to bank once a wk on grocery day and get cash. Stay home every other day. Not only do we save a ton of gas but I found all those little $2 purchases add up to one big sum. We also have 5 kids at home so we have to budget very well.

Thanks everyone who not only participated in our giveaways, but who let us know some of the ways you save money!  Keep saving ladies!  

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