Monday, February 15, 2010

The Vest

The vest is often overlooked by a lot of people as a staple wardrobe accessory. Different vests can be used to change one outfit, or you can change your outfit to fit your vest. Don't forget that when paired with a dress it can become the perfect combination! When mixed with tights and some cute boots you can dress up any winter day-and still stay warm!
Switch your vest to match your mood:

*One of my faves this fall and winter: the faux-fur vest

Or switch your outfit to match your mood:

A bohemian dress can be used to hide any extra weight in the tummy area you may be concerned with while a snug fitting vest will draw attention to the thinnest part of your torso!

One of the great pluses of the vest is you can really hide a lot and still look great and it can be worn for almost any occasion-even paired with jeans and a tee! You'll look great and like you spent a lot of time perfecting your look!

1 comment:

Chrystina said...

Remember my vests?! WoW! FUN!! I have to say my faves are the black one and the fur one!!!

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