Thursday, April 1, 2010

Everyday makeup look

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Here is an easy makeup look you can do in just a few minutes....PROMISE! It looks great and you can take it from day to night in a flash if you need to! It's very soft and subtle and looks good on any skin tone with any hair color.

This picture made it look like one of my eyebrows is darker than the other but it lies. :)

First, do your regular foundation/concealer routine. Remember if you are using mineral powder foundation concealer goes on first, if you are using liquid concealer goes on second.

Pencil in your eyebrows, powder, whatever you use. This helps frame the face.

Apply an eye shadow base. Take a brown color you love, with this specific look I'm wearing a matte medium brown shade; however, I have done this look with various shades of browns including a taupe shimmery brown. Apply the brown all over the lid and blend to slightly above the crease. Then take your smudger brush and go along the bottom lash line using the same color. I then add a highlight color to my tear duct area on both sides to give my eyes a little extra pop.

Curl your eyelashes and apply a black mascara.

A peachy pink blush is great for spring and summer. That is what I am rockin'.

Add a sheer lipgloss. A light pink is great for spring or summer but really almost any color could work, even red. Just pick your poison.

It takes me about 5 minutes to do this whole look from start to finish, so it's great when you are running behind or if you have kids that don't allow you much time for primping. I'll make another post soon on how to take this to night with just a couple easy steps!

If you try this look yourself send us your pictures! We'd love to see how it turned out for you! :)

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