Friday, March 12, 2010

more organizing tips

So first off, if you don't keep all your taller boots in their boxes when you store them, a great way to keep them upright so they aren't falling over and making that weird crease is to use a magazine rolled up. Go on girls I know you have some old Vogues lying around ;)

And another thing worth mentioning, if you can find a hat rack at a thrift store, garage sale, etc. they are great for hanging your purses. Unless of course you have enough hats to fill the rack, then by all means, hat it up! I am now on the hunt for an old hat rack!

I know some of you have already seen this because I posted it on my personal blog a while back, but I wanted to make mention on here of an easy do it yourself earring holder. All you need is an old frame, any size that you feel would be big enough to accomodate your collection, fiberglass or aluminum screening (whichever you have or prefer), and a staple gun. You can also paint it any way you want to match your room. Here is a picture of what it should look like:

(No that is not my entire collection of earrings, hehehe)

Hope some of these help you get creative!

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