Saturday, March 13, 2010

Turn an old T-Shirt into a bag

Today I wanted to experiment with this tutorial I had seen on how to make a bag out of an old T-Shirt. I had this Digital Underground shirt that was a little too short on me that I got for about $1.00 that I thought would work perfectly for this. It was my first sewing project completely on my own with no help or interference from anyone else so you know it was easy to do! This is a great bag because you can use it as a shopper at the grocery store for produce, or for the mall or bookstore, or you could make a bag out of a child's shirt for your daughter or son to use as an overnight bag or for dress ups or whatever you can think up to use it for! Maybe even Trick or Treating during Halloween! The steps are simple, you just take a shirt and turn it inside out, sew or surge the bottom near the seam across the entire bottom (you want to sew it together like you are making a pillow case or something similar), turn it back to right side out and cut the arms and neck off to make it look like a thick strapped tank top. After you finish those steps you are DONE! It's that easy!

Happy Sewing!

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