Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tips for traveling light(er).

Summer is on it's way, and I just got back from a little Spring Break vacay as I'm sure some of you did as well and since I'm always moving or traveling, I decided this last year to make it a point to perfect the art of traveling light(er). I can generally get away with a couple carry on bags now for an almost two week trip. It's not always easy but I wanted to share some of my tips on how I do it.

*Hair product samples! Sounds SO simple but it's true. Especially when you are flying and you have a small bag to put all your liquids in, having hair samples is so convenient. It doesn't take up too much space so you can save more room for make-up products or other hair products that you can't get samples of. When I order from places like Sephora that give away free samples with every order, I usually try to click some of the hair products because they are so small and if I'm going for two weeks I can take two or three and I'm not lugging around bottles of everything that I need to worry about spilling or bringing back.

*If you are going somewhere warm, dresses are very convenient, can be worn casual or dressy, and don't take up a lot of room. Maxi dresses that don't wrinkle are very nice for this, but there are always hangers in hotels rooms, and if you're staying with a friend or family member, I'm sure they'll share. Even in the winter you can always layer a dress with leggings or tights and a sweater and if you bring several different tights or sweaters you can change up your outfits with very little work. Maxi Tee dresses are having their time in the sun this year and those are perfect worn so many ways, they're comfy, and cute.

*A few key accessories like bangles or a few layered necklaces can also help you change up an outfit like taking you from day to night with little effort. Pack a nice braided belt to wear with pretty much anything, some bangles to stack up can take you to the beach or a nice night out. Don't forget a vest! Hats can be great too if that's your thing, as long as they aren't too big and can travel nicely.

*I pack just one extra hand bag along with the one I'm going to be taking with me on the plane or in the car, that way if I want something else to match a different look I have it. I know some people really like those Miche bags. I don't have one but that would be convenient for travel as you could just change the shell and not have to bring a whole other bag with you.

*Pack some basics: comfy tee's, a pair of jeans that look great day/night, a few dresses, leggings, and a sweater or two. Make sure several of these things can match each other so you can change your looks without having to pack a million different "outfits". This was the hardest thing for me because I would always pack outfits instead of key pieces to mix and match. It's great to have a few stand out pieces but if everything is like that you'll find it harder to get by on less and harder to pack less.

*SHOES: A pair or two of neutral sandals or flip flops and a pair of shoes you can walk around in all day and still be comfy. Toms are a good choice for comfy shoes that can go with pretty much anything and still keep you looking great. There are so many different styles and they are so lightweight they don't take up a lot of space, but when you need that extra support for walking around a lot-they are pretty great. Converse are also pretty versatile and depending on your style can be worn with dresses as well. Keds and Vans can also be really nice choices. Most of these shoes can also be dressed up depending on the style. A sexy pair of heels, a couple pairs of sandals, and nice pair of flats/sneakers is all you really need to get you through your trip.

*A versatile make up palette is a must. A smokey eye palette, or something with several colors you can wear for lots of different looks that isn't too big is perfect. If you have a contour palette or something that comes with several colors in one, those are great because you don't need to bring 5 different blushes or bronzers, etc. Nude lipsticks are perfect for almost any look, are really in right now, and if you want to save the space you can always just use your foundation or concealer and just bring a gloss to wear on top.

What I do is I pick out things I want to bring and I choose only some of them, ones that I know I can mix and match. Most of the time you are near a washing machine or your hotel can send it out so I try to get away with less as much as possible. It's hard but it can be done! So these are things I do in order to pack a little lighter. I know quite a few of you travel quite a bit, some even with children, so what are things you do to pack light(er)?

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