Sunday, June 13, 2010

Finally a New LOTD

Summer is finally on it's way here in Washington!

It's been a while! So sorry about that but things have been hectic, and although I have lots of looks to show you, it's hard to do with just yourself, even with a tripod (I only have a small one), but my photographer (aka husband) will be coming home shortly (finally) so that will make things much easier.  They aren't the best pictures but I did the best I could.  Thanks for being patient (as always).  You guys and gals are fabulous!    This is the dress I wore to church today and I pretty much live in dresses in summertime so you'll be seeing more soon!  

Here is a better shot of the sandals I paired it with.  Cream colored like the dress with shell embellishments.  

Paired with a green sweater and crossbody bag....

And the perfect summertime accessory...sunnies!

Dress:  H&M $19.95
Sandals: Alloy $9.99 (Bamboo)
Sweater: Wal-Mart clearance $5.00 (George)
Shoulder bag: Thrifted $2.00
Oversized sunnies: Alloy $2.99

Sassy and sweet for under $40.00, and I will be living in this dress this summer.  It's SO lightweight and feminine!  It's perfect for picnics, walks, Sundays at church, and anything else you can dream up.  The umpire waist makes it flattering for all accentuating the smallest part of your torso.  

Question for the readers:  Do you like when we post the prices or do you want us to just post where we got it and what the brand is?  



Carrie Marshall said...

I like the prices, just in case I could actually go and get!

Wonderful World of Wirfs said...

I like the prices too. I must say that this dress looked great on you today.

ACDC2005 said...

Thanks for your input ladies! We'll keep posting the prices then!

And thank you Kim :)

63tbpatti said...

How cute! Love it!

Chrystina said...

Love the pictures! Love the outfit! Your so cute!

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